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Mine material is natural resource that cannot be renewable so that someday it can be expired. One factor that can impede extraction and process of mine material in mine is technology. Therefore, there is a need to find new technologies that is applicable to extract and process mine material that cannot be maximized by previous technology. Alternative energy is appropriately replacing natural non-renewable mine material resource. It can be in the form of introducing new technology and renewable energy to support sustainable development in Indonesia and also other countries in the world.

The requirement of energy should be equalized by sufficient supply of energy resources where nowadays it requires a great quantity of energy resources to fulfill people needs. Energy utilization of non-renewable energy-resources excessively can cause energy crisis. The alteration of energy utilization pattern is appropriate solution to minimize people dependence to non-renewable energy resources.

From International Paper Contest 2017, there is an expectation to get more innovations from participants to develop renewable energy resource and new technologies in mining to support sustainable development in the community.

A. Event title

B. Themes
”Emerging New Mining Technology and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development”


1. Geothermal
2. Biomass Conservation
3. Solar Energy
4. Mining

D. Event schedules

1 Abstract Submission Deadline March 26th 2017
2 Abstract Selection March 27th – 28th 2017
3 Notification of Admissible Abstract March 29th 2017
4 Full Paper Delivery March 30th - April 8th 2017
5 Full Paper Delivery Deadline April 8th 2017
6 Full Paper Selection April 9 th– 15th 2017
7 Finalist Announcement April 16th 2017
8 Finalist Registration April 17th – 24th 2017
9 Finalist Arrival May 2nd 2017
10 Finalist Presentation May 3rd 2017
11 National Seminar May 4th 2017
12 Mining On Vacation May 5th 2017
13 Winner Announcement and Mining Fair Inauguration 2017 May 6th 2017

Submittal Instruction:
  • Abstract should be approximately 200-250 words in length
  • The full paper has to be submitted in English
  • All abstract will be evaluated highly an originally and technical value, any improvement, refinement and development can be completed while preparing and editing the full paper
  • Free registration fee for abstract submission
  • 10 participants that had been selected to pass full paper selection should provide payment of IDR 750.000,- per full paper
  • Send your abstract and full paper to :

The guidebook for INTERNATIONAL PAPER CONTEST 2017 can be downloaded in the following below :

  • a. First winner : Rp 2.500.000 + Medal + Certificate
  • b. Second winner : Rp 2.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
  • c. Third winner : Rp 1.500.000 + Medal + Certificate
  • All finalists should attend National Seminar, Mining on Vacation, and Inauguration on May 4th – 6 th 2017. Ten best papers are invited to presenting its full paper. Transportation fee is charged to each finalist.

Contact :
IKMAL 081267867838
RENO 081536788150

Twitter  : @MiningFair2017

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