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Lomba Menulis Esai - International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) LC IPB

IYSCA is the platform for university students to discuss and share their knowledge, expertise and experience on the principles, instruments, and issues related to ideas towards the significance of the agricultural and related sciences interaction. IYSCA 2017 brings the theme Creative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture to Ensure Food Sovereignty. Through writing an essay, students may bring the originally new or modify solutions in order to make agriculture become sustain, specifically to ensure the availability and stability of food from the production, distribution, until the consumption.

International Association of Students 
in Agricultural and Related Sciences 

Lomba Menulis Esai

IYSCA (International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture)

Theme :
"Creative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture to Ensure Food Sovereignty"

Topic :
1.  Creative Solutions on Science and Technology
Realizing new or modified goods or services in order to sustain and enhance human life by bring out a solution in the field of agricultural raw material production.
The ideas to increase the add value of raw material by improving the way to process and distribute a products efficiently.

2. Creative Solutions on Social and Humanities
Designing and planning the chain of production, distribution, and consumption to serve a sustainable advantage in agriculture in order to reach the prosperity.

Educating and empowering society to contribute on agriculture development for the better human life and manifesting social equilibrium.Criticizing and proposing policy to support the justice between human and environment for ensuring the sustainability of agriculture.

Submission Guideline
1. Register to
2. Get the message from official email of IYSCA 2017 (
3. Apply all the requirements
4. Waiting for the announcement
5. Payment guideline will be sent if you are selected

Deadline: August 5th 2017

1. All selected essays will be recognized by Non-Governmental Organization*
2. Selected essays will be published by Non-Governmental Organization*
3. Six categories will be appreciated,

Best of Science and Technology1st Runner Up of Science and TechnologyBest of Social and Humanities1st Runner Up of Social and HumanitiesBest Group of Science and TechnologyBest Group of Social and Humanities

4. Total prizes : Rp 6,000,000

For Further Information and Registration
  • Website :
  • Registration Link :
  • Any queries? Ask to :

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